Michael Brooks, LMT

Michael Brooks, LMT

LMT – Chattanooga State

Michael (who happily responds to Mike) is a graduate of the massage therapy program at Chattanooga State. Aside from the rigorous 700 hours of school training, Michael took it upon himself to mentor one-on-one with a seasoned professional therapist with 25 years of experience.

Michael says that he was compelled to learn massage therapy due to a love for helping people and an interest in holistic and alternative medicine. This appreciation stems from seven years of competitive wrestling and martial arts training, not to mention the accompanying injuries. Mike told me that he used to be clumsy with his natural strength, even to the point of breaking a car door because he thought he just needed to pull harder! Lucky for us, becoming a father to two sweet boys opened his mind and heart to the merits of lighter touch and deep connection.

Myofascial Release or MFR, is a specialized therapy that focuses on the interconnected webbing of the body know as the fascial system. Dysfunction within the facial system is often mistaken for joint pain, muscle pain, limited range of motion, or structural and postural issues. When myofascial release is applied, the therapist uses slow but deeply engaging hand holds to spread the tissue apart. The fascial system is widely overlooked by the medical community although it is extremely relevant in correcting and maintaining overall wellbeing. The work should not be painful and the results can be long lasting.

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