Who can benefit from Rolfing SI?

I believe that everyone should experience a Rolfing SI series at least once in their life. Structural Integration is an amazing way to reconect with your body and to (re)discover how good it can feel to move. After several years of practise I have recognized several factors that contibute to good outcomes. Client engagement and cooperation is critical. Rolfing Si is not appropriate when you are suffering from acute injury. Instead, opt for integrative bodywork therapies and follow up with a Rolfing series.

How is Rolfing different from massage or chiropractic care?

Massage techniques focus on muscle bellies and chiropractors focus on bones. Consider the following analogy:  you want to remove a sticker from a glass window. You could peel away at the sticker and risk it ripping or work on the window and risk it breaking. My role as your Rolfer is to melt the glue.

Does Rolfing SI hurt?

Rolfing has a bad rap for being painful but it does NOT have to be. Change occurs in the body when we provide input and make space for adaptation. The sensation of Rolfing varies from mild and relaxing to strong and intense. However, intensity should not be misunderstood as pain. As a Rolfer I attend closely to the nervous system and monitor for signs of relaxation and distress. Often clients fall asleep on my table.

Do the effects of Rolfing SI last?

Many clients find that Rolfing SI facilitates permanent changes in the way that they feel and move. Rolfing is an educational process. Many of us have learned maladapted strategies in our lives. Your long-term benefits will be in proportion to how much you are willing and able to change your patterns.

What should I wear to my session?

You should choose clothing that does not restrict your movement and that you are comfortable to be seen wearing. Men and women may choose to receive work in their underwear. Tight fitting clothing (like yoga pants or bike shorts) are not appropriate. A cotton t-shirt or tank top is a good option. I keep a few pairs of shorts on hand in case you forget. You may change once you arrive. A shower is available on site, please bring your own towel and products.

How many sessions are needed and how often should I see you?

Rolfing SI is typically a 10 session format. However, we may decide that fewer or more sessions are necessary to achieve your specific goals. In certain situation you may benefit from a series of 3 sessions. Sessions are typically spaced between one and two weeks apart.