Integrative Bodywork

Anything worth having requires maintenance. We believe that your body is no different.

What is Integrative Bodywork?

Integrative Bodywork is hands-on bodywork perfect for routine maintenance and the management of aches and pains. Each session begins with an assessment and is a completely personalized experience. Treatment modalities include myofascial release, nerve and visceral manipulation. This work can stand alone but is typically recommended in a three-session format to provide a beginning, middle and end to the experience.

Who is Integrative Bodywork good for?

This work is good for everybody who has a body. Whether you’re an athlete, a busy mom, someone who works at a desk, etc., your body requires maintenance work to run at its highest potential.

What are the benefits of Integrative Bodywork?

Integrative Bodywork can help with many common conditions such as back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis. This work is also ideal for sports-related injuries like pulled hamstrings, hip and shoulder dysfunction, etc. Integrative Bodywork is a great approach for managing chronic conditions, pre- or post-surgical recovery, and overall well-being.

Nerve Pain:

Pain starts at the nerve. Many painful conditions are caused by trapped and compressed nerves.

If you have nerve pain issues, you most likely cannot tolerate more heavy-handed types of treatment. Gentle nerve work and fascial work in the surrounding tissue can be the missing link to effectively treating this type of pain.

Neural mobilization through Integrative Bodywork gently frees sensitive nerves from surrounding structures using a light, sustained touch. This allows the body to unwind without inducing additional pain.

This approach is highly effective for tunnel syndromes, headaches, whiplash, back, legs, and arm pain.

Injury and Recovery:

If you have suffered an injury or are in recovery from an accident or chronic condition, Integrative Bodywork may be the perfect choice to improve your body’s functionality and performance.

Catered to you and your body’s specific needs, this work is ideal for acute and chronic injuries, sports injuries, accidents and pre- or post-surgery.

We can help to reestablish functional range of motion, manage inflammation and ease pain. We can also address non-functional movement patterns and help your body release scar tissue.

Integrative Bodywork  |  60 min session

Promote recovery from acute and chronic injuries. Ideal for sports injuries, accidents, pre- or post operation, scar tissue, nerve pain, and addressing non-functional movement patterns.